unobtrusive birth photography

Storyful Photography for The Moments That Are Yours

My goal in birth photography is to tell the story of how you bring your baby into the world. I want to show your strength, your partner’s support, and the incredible moment you meet your baby! I want to show moments in between and the details that are just yours.

Before the day, we will talk about:

When I should arrive at the hospital
What your hopes are for the birth
What you would love for me to capture
...and so much more.

I would be honored to capture that indescribable first moment of meeting your baby.

starting at $1150

Let me focus on capturing one of the most monumental days in your family’s story, so you and your loved ones can focus on supporting you through your baby’s birth.

What’s included:
- On call starting at 38 weeks
- Photographing active labor to about an hour after delivery
- Online gallery with 80-100 images
- Consultations
- Backup photographer

Birth Photography Package

Location: Photographing in Richmond, VIRGINIA area hospitals, birth centers, and homes

- Emily H.

Stephanie was a positive presence moving silently around the room capturing the most priceless photos ever taken: the love between my husband and I, the strength of a soon to be mother and the first breath my children took in this world.

- Sara H.

 Birth is such a vulnerable experience and the people there matter; Stephanie is the kind of person you'd want in the room and captures the experience in such a stunning way.  She had such a calming disposition during the entire experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really want pictures of babies coming out of me?

People ask me this a lot!  It’s about more than that. It’s the support from your partner. It’s about your strength as a mom. It’s about the journey you, your partner, your care team, and your baby all went on together. It’s the little special details that tell the story of the day. It’s about that indescribable first moment of meeting your baby.

How far do you travel for birth photos?

Since birth can happen at any time and sometimes very quickly, I only take births within an hour of my home in Mechanicsville. Luckily, almost all hospitals in the Richmond area fall into that category!

What if I go into labor in the middle of the night?

Luckily, I am a night owl and I’m probably still awake haha. Most likely you or your partner have been keeping me updated to your early labor cues, so I’ll know to sleep lightly and expect a phone call overnight! Plus, when I’m on call for a birth, I always keep the ringer on high volume for that all important phone call.

How graphic or personal will the photos end up being?

Honestly, however personal or graphic you’re comfortable with. I always ask the parents I work with what their comfort level is when it comes to photos because I know it’s such an intimate experience you’re inviting me into. My photography style is more storytelling, which lends itself to wider shots to really tell the story more effectively.

What if it's a long labor?

I do typically arrive when you’re in active labor, so hopefully for your sake it’s not a long waiting game at that point, but there is no set limit to how long I’ll be there for your labor. I typically stay for about an hour after the birth to get baby’s measurements and fresh baby snuggle photos.

Will you be there to help me through my labor?

I am not a doula and do not have any medical training, so I will not be helping you make any decisions when it comes to your birth. I will simply be there as a quiet observer and be emotionally supportive throughout your labor and delivery to capture your birth beautifully through photographs.

What if I go into labor before the 38 week mark?

During our consultation, we'll talk about any previous birth experience and can adjust the on-call time frame if you have a history of delivering early. You can also keep me posted as you have your prenatal appointments if you and your provider think baby will come sooner. I'll definitely do everything in my power to be there if baby comes before 38 weeks!

Your Birth Story

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Capture the journey to meeting your newest addition with me.